Heritage+Joy | Wedding Invitations and Event Stationery in Houston, TX
Custom Wedding Invitations and Event Stationery in Houston, TX

About Heritage+Joy | Wedding Invitations and Paper Goods in Houston, TX

About H+J

Heritage+Joy is a creative studio located in Houston, Texas that specializes in custom wedding stationery + paper goods.

about h+j

We love pouring over colors, inks, and paper to craft special wedding + event invitations, save the dates, and day-of wedding paper goods. From simple invitations to full letterpress suites, no celebration is too big or too small here at H+J!

Heritage+Joy exists to tell your story through fresh, hand-crafted design. H+J strives to communicate the joyful story of your personal heritage on paper. These are paper goods that you will keep for generations to come, telling and retelling your stories throughout the years—as they only get sweeter and sweeter!


Christine Loo, owner

H+J was founded from a love of stationery because of its intent to communicate between individuals. After graduating from the Art Institute of California – Orange County and working in various in-house marketing departments, I decided to pursue this crazy love for stationery and paper. I still love to design multi-page collateral (think catalogs and magazines and booklets), but there is something intriguing about telling a story within the confines of an envelope. 


A passion for people

At the heart of H+J also lies a compassion for people around the world who are poor, sick, and suffering. There is a yearning to share the good news of the Gospel of Christ with those who are hurting from natural disasters, war, disease, and famine. H+J donates a percentage of all proceeds to Samaritan’s Purse to aid them in their emergency relief, community development programs, and educational, feeding, shelter and medical projects.